Month: December 2020

Contaminated Site Safety Certificate

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our projects, including safety.In August, the e3Scientific contaminated land team was one of the first to complete the recently developed Contaminated Site Safety training, obtaining the Contaminated Site Safety Certificate (CSSC).The CSSC has been designed to enable employers to meet their duties as a PCBU for… Read more »

Lake Hayes

e3Scientific are working with Friends of Lake Hayes to deliver a vision for Lake Hayes to have a healthy catchment providing good quality water to sustain a vibrant ecosystem and recreational space for natural values, community and tourism. To that end, e3s have been scoping and developing targeted nutrient mitigation strategies that can be implemented… Read more »

e3Scientifc Plant ID Course

e3Scientific ecologists recently completed a two-day botanical course updating their plant identification skills. We honed our skills in the Upper Clutha and Wakatipu Basin with Mr John Barkla, a skilled Botanist. During the course we were lucky enough to find the small native herb Solenogyne christensenii, which has a threat classification of ‘Threatened – Nationally… Read more »