e3s has a proven track record in the evaluation of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecological values and working with our clients to avoid and mitigate effects of development projects.  We also have a wealth of experience in the project management and delivery of ecological restoration and rehabilitation projects.

Our key biodiversity workstreams include:

  • Evaluation of Significant Natural Areas and working with the private sector and territorial and regional authorities in the management of these important sites.
  • Terrestrial botanical and fauna surveys for the purpose of evaluating ecological values to support development activities.
  • Freshwater ecological surveys.
  • Marine ecological surveys including marine habitat and species surveys, biosecurity management (such as Undaria control), assessment of shellfish.
  • Ecological restoration and rehabilitation.

Ecology Projects

MPI commissioned e3Scientific to provide a comprehensive Aquatic Environment Biodiversity Report
e3Scientific was commissioned by Treespace to develop an Ecological Management Plan for the 1,768 hectares of high-country pastoral farmland.
e3Scientific was commissioned by NZSki to identify the terrestrial ecological values of the area.