EcoForum, September 2019

The e3Scienfific team attended this year’s EcoForum.  EcoForum is a broad-based environment conference and exhibition that focuses on contaminated land assessment, management and remediation.  Most notable topics discussed this year were PFAS, landfill gas, hydrocarbon remediation, closed landfill management, lead, arsenic, dioxins, and contaminants bioavailability.  If you have any queries regarding any of these topics, or regulatory updates, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Simon Beardmore presented a poster with Tim Muller( Landpro) outlining a history of asbestos mining in Otago and Southland.  Examples of both deliberate and accidental asbestos mining are examined in this paper, and the implications for asbestos soil risk management are considered.

Simon Bloomberg initiated much discussion following his EcoForum presentation which discussed elevated arsenic found in soils throughout our region, titled ‘Geological controls over arsenic enrichment in soil: case studies from Otago, New Zealand’.


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