Predator Free Arrowtown

e3Scientific is taking an active role in supporting Predator Free Arrowtown, a community initiative which aims to reduce predator species in and around Arrowtown in Central Otago. e3Scientific has donated funds to purchase traps and is providing expertise to support the project. Our team are also actively volunteering their time to deliver this project.

Wakatipu Reforestation Trust

The e3Scientific team are supporters of the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust which aims to “protect and restore the native biodiversity of the Wakatipu Basin through revegetation projects, collaboration, education and advocacy”. Members of the e3S team are also active volunteers and can be found planting throughout the Wakatipu.


e3Scientific support Wakatipu LandSAR Search and Rescue Group, Queenstown and Fiona Rowley, a key member of the e3S Contaminated Land Team is an active LandSAR volunteer.