SJ Timpany Groundwater Risk Assessment

SJ Timpany Contracting Limited


The Challenge: SJ Timpany sought to expand its operating footprint to include 10 ha of adjacent land. Council reviewed the initial application and requested a groundwater risk assessment prior to considering the extension. e3Scientific was engaged to undertake the groundwater risk assessment which included the expansion of the site wide network of groundwater monitoring bores.

Process and Solutions:  The project kicked off with a review of available compliance monitoring data, geotechnical reporting, council and historic records. The review identified the network of groundwater and surface water monitoring sites needed to be expanded to adequately capture the whole site including the extension area. Following the installation of 8 new groundwater monitoring bores, water sampling, levelling, and slug testing were completed to develop an understanding of the potential for contaminant transport and fate through the shallow aquifer. A conceptual site model was developed with and the risk to surface and groundwater receptors was assessed.

Project Outcome: The groundwater risk assessment determined the site specific aquifer properties and confirmed the extension of the site was a low risk activity.

Contact: Alexandra Badenhop – Technical Director – Water and Environmental Management
Simon Beardmore – Technical Director – Contaminated Land

Waka-Nathan Miller

Scientific Diver, Equipment/Field Technician - Marine and Freshwater Ecology (Invercargill Office)

Mark Hamer

Senior Freshwater Ecologist

Natasha West

Environmental Scientist (Arrowtown Office)

Trudy Anderson

Senior Environmental Scientist (Arrowtown Office)

Kate Whiting

Project Environmental Scientist (Arrowtown Office)

Brandon Doheny

Freshwater & Marine Ecologist

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